After School exists to take some of the stress out of high school. Through ups and downs, good times and bad -- we're going all out to make your days better, weekends funner, and help you connect and share with your classmates. This extends outside of the app.

From grant and scholarship opportunities, to information about how to help a friend in need, these resources were put together for you as a collection of important information, activities, and opportunities.

Grants, Scholarships and Opportunities

As a teen, you have access to unique opportunities where you can do cool stuff and make a difference while helping yourself in the process -- from building your college resume to earning small grants and scholarships. Here are a few opportunities worth taking advantage of.

Youth Service America (YSA)
YSA encourages you to change the world by helping you get involved in difference making activities. There are hundreds of activities available through YSA and their partners, including Global Youth Service Day, Semester of Service, and Disney Summer of Service Grants. View available grants from YSA and their partners here.

Other Grants and Opportunities Worth Checking Out
Hey U.G.L.Y. Contests
Do Something Awards from ($100,000 grant is up for grabs!)

Social Change and Volunteering

Have you ever wanted to fight against injustice, help the less fortunate, or just make the world a better place? Here are opportunities from our friends and partners that allow you to do just that. is where social change and you come together to participate in difference-making campaigns. At any given time, there are hundreds of active campaigns and ways to get involved. For more information, explore campaigns and sign up to see how you can get involved.

Peace First
You don't have to "grow up" in order to change the world. Peace First believes in the power and abilities of youth, and they're empowering you and your peers to get involved. Each year five young people will be awarded the Peace First Prize, which comes with a 2-year $25,000 fellowship. See more on

Youth Service Association (YSA)
YSA is all about taking action and providing service. Through their partners, YSA offers many grant opportunities. Check them out here.

Ending Trolls and Online Bullying

Online harassment isn't fun for anyone and is a serious matter. No one deserves to be harassed. When using social media and posting online, remember that there is always someone on the other side of a post -- be kind.

At After School, we have a zero tolerance policy against cyberbullying. If you experience or witness bullying, you can immediately remove a post by clicking "report" in the bottom left-hand corner. To report an issue, contact After School support at

Follow the After School Safety Team on Twitter @SafetyonSocial.

Here are helpful resources for the fight against trolling, bullying and harassment:

I Am A Witness

The "I Am A Witness" campaign and the eye emoji were created by the Ad Council and their partners to give silent bystanders a voice when seeing someone targeted online. To learn more about this effort visit or download the eye emoji here.

Hey U.G.L.Y.

Hey U.G.L.Y. stands for "Unique Gifted Loveable You." The organization aims to empower you to be part of the solution to bullying, substance abuse and youth suicide. Hey U.G.L.Y. offers speakers, student resources, anti-bullying campaigns, and other opportunities for schools and students, including contests with cash prizes -- like turning a negative word into a positive acronym. View the Hey U.G.L.Y. contests here.

Stop Sextortion

Have you heard about Sextortion? Yes, it’s a real thing, and it’s becoming a big and scary problem. Nonprofit organization Thorn, along with partners including After School, are working to raise awareness and empower all of us to stop it. Watch the video below and visit to learn more and to get involved. Friends, strangers, and even yourself will benefit from knowing what sextortion is and what to look out for. Start by watching below:

Stand for the Silent

To bring Stand for the Silent to your school or learn more about how to stand up to stop bullying, visit

Cyberbullying Research Center

The Cyberbullying Research Center provides research, news, opinions and other resources on the topic of cyberbullying, and the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of cyberbullying among youth. Resources include guides for and information for educators, parents, and teens. Visit the Cyberbullying Research Center at

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

Leading social change to stop bullying, PACER provides resources and raises awareness among students, parents, educators, and others. PACER founded and leads efforts around National Bullying Prevention Month in October and Unity Day. Learn more about PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and view their online resources here.

End to Cyberbullying (ETCB)

ETCB is combatting modern cyberbullying by raising awareness and providing resources. ETCB "will work to create a global social networking arena where all users can feel safe and positive." Start by checking out the teen information center here.

Articles Worth Checking Out


After School believes in equal rights and supporting the teens we created our social network for -- you! We partner with organizations that specialize in serving and supporting LGBTQ teens and adults to give our team insight and additional ways to support all of our users. Among those partners are SF Pride and the Trevor Project. If you’re having a difficult time, there are people who have been there and are ready to listen and help. Call the Trevor Lifeline now at 1-866-488-7386.

Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the leading crisis intervention and suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth. We’re proud to be a partner and to share a few of their many great resources with you.

Preventing Suicide

“Coming Out As You”

Upcoming Trevor Project Events


Trevor Support Center

Personal Motivation, Mental Health, and Suicide Prevention

Even though we face tough times and deal with painful things, life is beautiful. Bright days will come again and you are not alone. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, feeling anxious, depressed, sad, or in crisis, please help them (or yourself) get the help they need. Need to chat with someone now? Text "HI FAM" to 741-741. This service is anonymous, free to texters, and provided by our partner Crisis Text Line.

Jordan Porco Foundation

The Jordan Porco Foundation's goal is to prevent suicide in the high school, college and college entry student population. They work to promote mental health, and create a message of hope for young adults. Here are a few articles and guides worth reading:

Resource Lists

Have suggestions for this list? Do you know or work with an organization that is looking to positively change the lives of teens and interested in partnering with After School? Contact us at and use “Partnership” in the subject line.