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As the largest teen-only social network in the U.S., After School can share the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of our future leaders with the world. Through a nationwide polling feature, After School has the ability to poll our millions of users in a span of several days.

This information is collected and shared to give American teenagers a collective voice and to raise awareness on important issues.

What Teens Think About NFL Players Protesting, President Trump's Comments, and Racial Inequality

After School uses polls to inform and engage teens while collecting their viewpoints to share with the world. Protests in the NFL fighting racial inequality have become controversial and met with criticism. In the NFL Protest Poll on After School, we asked 24,000 teens whose side they are on and why they feel the way that they do.

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For the complete dataset, visit After School's page here..

What Teens Know About Fake News. After School App Nationwide Poll

High school students were asked “Have you heard of fake news stories?” Over 39,000 unique responses were submitted by teens in the U.S. Students also answered questions about their ability to spot fake news, and how they react when they see fake news.

This poll was launched in partnership with Data.World and BuzzFeed. Read Here's What 39,000 Teens Think About Fake News. Here is a PDF summarizing the poll data, and the full poll results.

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For the complete dataset, visit After School’s Data.World page here.

Presidential Election Poll

After School conducted a mock presidential election over one week in October, as part of The After School Election Center -- an effort to raise the civic participation of Generation Z. The Election Center leveraged the expertise of partners and to educate teens on the candidates and issues, help them register and pre-register to vote, and help them volunteer with presidential campaigns. The materials below summarize the results and may be republished with attribution to After School.

After School Election Center

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Are You Getting a Good Education? After School App Nationwide Poll

Students were asked “Are you getting a good education?” Over 54,000 unique results were submitted by teens from around the country. Students answered the poll questions and gave feedback based on their opinions of the quality of their education. Here is an infographic summarizing the poll data, and the full poll results, including a state-by-state breakdown.

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Disclaimer: Polls on After School are not scientific studies. They are intended to be a reflection of the collective voice of today’s American teenager. Users are typically 13-18 and verify age and school attendance to gain access to the network for their school.