After School fosters fun and creative online and offline experiences for America's teens, in a positive environment with zero tolerance for cyberbullying, threats, or content that threatens the safety of our online community.

A New Outlet for Teens

Michael Callahan and Cory Levy created After School in 2014 as a place for teens who want to be themselves, make new connections, and participate in positive activities - both online and offline.

After School is a private social network that allows American high school students to share and connect with fellow students at their same school.

Authenticity Meets Positivity

On After School, students can share openly and honestly, without fearing judgment or ridicule. They choose whether to reveal their name or remain private.

After School's innovative features channel students toward making new connections and friendships, and engaging in positive offline activities.

The messages students share are overwhelmingly positive - compliments, notes of encouragement and support, and ideas for fun in-person activities.

Teens Embrace After School

Millions of students, in more than 85% of U.S. high schools, use After School - making it the largest social network for teens.

Our Partners

After School prides itself on giving teens amazing online experiences as well as meaningful opportunities to expand their horizons, contribute to society, and make a positive difference in the world. To amplify our impact, we partner with forward-thinking organizations dedicated to preparing young people to confront personal and societal challenges with courage, creativity, empathy, and collaboration. If interested in partnering with After School, contact: