First detects threats made on social media and alerts authorities to protect schools.
Detect Threats
First monitors incoming messages posted on social media. Using natural language processing, it detects threats (including bomb threats and messages of gun violence) and assigns a threat level from low to high. Our API can recognize thousands of threatening phrases and alert you when a suspicious, violent, or merely obscene post is made to your system. You can decide what is appropriate for your product.

Collect Information
After a threat is detected, First creates a notification with the problematic post, the name of the social media service it came from, contact information for a company representative, and any additional information that may aid in resolving the issue. We allow you to choose the level of monitoring that is right for your application and how you would like to be notified. All you have to do is make the call, not worry about people continuously trying to abuse your product.

Contact Authorities
First then notifies both the local authorities and school administrator by phone and transfers all the details of the situation by email. This allows first responders to be aware of the situation in seconds rather than hours. We have already done the work of collecting local police and school admins. When an emergency does come up, use our API to get in touch with the right people immediately.